The Members

The 158 members of the Association of University Presses (AUPresses) are all nonprofit scholarly publishers upholding the highest standards of professional publishing and editorial rigor.

Regular members of the Association meet stringent criteria for editorial review of scholarly publications via recognized standards of peer review and a faculty (or equivalent) review committee. These members also meet organizational benchmarks of staffing and scholarly output. The Association currently has 137 Regular members.

Affiliate members of the Association meet at least one of the editorial and one of the organizational criteria established for Regular members. The Association currently has 15 Affiliate members.

Introductory members are a special category, intended for (often newer) presses in need of the resources and connections afforded through AUPresses to grow into one of the two permanent categories. Introductory membership can last 5 years, and the Association currently has 6 Introductory members.

The membership of AUPresses spans the globe, including 17 nations, 41 US states (plus the District of Columbia), and 6 Canadian provinces. Member presses are based at both private and public universities and colleges, hosted by state or regional higher education consortiums, independently affiliated with larger mission-based nonprofits, or publishing arms of museums, research centers, and scholarly societies. Combined, each year these entities publish more than 11,000book titles and 1,500 journal titles; cumulatively, they have over 300,000 books in print. In North America, having a university press imprimatur remains a hallmark of intensive research institutions: 69% of R1 institutions are home to or support a member press.