Embracing the Virtual

The 2021 Annual Meeting Program Committee, chaired by Jocelyn Dawson (Duke), and Association staff, led by Membership and Events Director Susan Patton and Program Coordinator Angelica DeVoe, met the challenge of creating a robust virtual program once again, building on lessons learned from the virtual 2020 Annual Meeting. More than 1,100 attendees participated in the two-week-long virtual Annual Meeting in June 2021, shattering the record of nearly 800 participants set by the 2020 meeting.

The Association looks forward to an in-person 2022 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, with virtual pre-conference workshops developed by the Editorial, Production, and Design Committee, the Journals Committee, and the Marketing Committee

Future AUPresses Annual Meetings will alternate yearly between an in-person event and a virtual one. By creating an Annual Meeting schedule that embraces both the energy of an in-person conference and the accessibility of virtual programming, the Association envisions a series of complementary events that will enhance the collaborative, educational, and professional networking opportunities available to all members and the wider network of community partners.

The 2020-2021 Professional Development Committee, chaired by Kathryn Marguy (Johns Hopkins), once again supported a fully virtual mentorship program in 2021, as well as a speed-networking event and an early-career networking session during the virtual 2021 Annual Meeting. These initiatives continued to connect newcomers in the profession to mid- and senior-level colleagues throughout the community.

The 2022 Financial Officers Meeting took place in person and virtually in April 2022, organized by a committee chaired by Teresa Collins (Kentucky), with Rosalyn Carr (Alabama), Susan Doerr (Minnesota), Debra Eubanks (American Psychiatric Association), and Erik Smist (Johns Hopkins), and hosted in Lexington by the University Press of Kentucky. More than 90 financial officers, business officers and operations personnel, and directors attended, half of them virtually.

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